Hello there and thank you for visiting my website! Whether it’s business or personal, I appreciate the time you’re giving to get to know me and explore my work.

The first thing you should know, my name is pronounced TAH-VON-NAH. Not TaVana because it rhymes with banana. Not Teavana like the tea shop in the mall. It’s TaVonna, and yes the ‘v’ is capitalized.

Secondly, I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I majored in Journalism, Advertising, Media Studies (JAMS) and Digital Arts and Culture (DAC). I chose these majors because of my interest in advertising and graphic design.

Lastly, I find it difficult talking about myself beyond stating that I am a college graduate. To make it easier, I did a self-Q&A:

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Compassionate, Intuitive and Pragmatic.

How would your friends describe you?

Considerate and a good drink-maker. I think I’m funny, so they may think I’m funny too. (I haven’t fully determined if they’re laughing at my jokes or out of sympathy for me because I tried to be funny…)

What do you enjoy doing to relieve stress? 

Binge-watching a tv show or an in-house spa day, most likely both at the same time.

What’s the greatest bit of advice a parent or mentor has given you?

“I want you to do your best, that’s all I ask for,” was a hard concept for me to get as a child. Especially when it came to school and sports, I’ve always wanted to be the best. As an adult I now realize I don’t have to be good at everything, and that I shouldn’t compare myself to others. Even if I make a mistake, I will try harder next time. My best should always be 100% of my effort.

How would you spend one million dollars?

The practical side of me would first pay off my student loans. Next, I would make sure my family is secure. I’d also like to invest some money with the help of a reputable financial advisor. The rest of the money would go towards traveling. An extended vacation would be a dream come true.

What is one important skill every person should have? 

Customer service. It is the most difficult/ stressful industry people work in, and if everybody had half the patience those workers have, the world would be a nicer place.

What is your favorite outdoor activity? 

Riding my bike! It will definitely be the highlight of my summer.